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We only offer limited stock for each shoe. We want you to wear exclusive items only. 

🏅 High quality

We only use the best & lifelong lasting materials for the customization of our shoes.


We use authentic and environment 
friendly products only.

Are YOU original? Well, we guess you are. And what’s a great way to express yourself? Right, fashion. Our products make your style a real eye-catcher and let you stand out from the crowd. So you show your individuality with style!

Customer reviews

John Doe
John Doe@John Doe3
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If you like sneakers this is really recommended!
kees van leeuwen
kees van leeuwen@kvleeuwen
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The shoes took a bit long to arrive, but I had great custumer support, and the shoes are really waterproof.
John Monroe
John Monroe @hpjohn
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Great customer support, got the track and trace code on time. And the shoes are amazing, doesn't even seem like it is hand customized.